Dr. Lena Alexander



Lena Tokatlian-Alexander Ph.D., founder of New Horizons Therapy Centre, is a Licensed Psychotherapist who focuses on empowering adults, teens, children, couples, families, athletes, and corporate groups to reach their ultimate New Horizon.

In addition to her Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Dr. Alexander has specialized in variety of techniques and approaches in the field of clinical psychotherapy to address the special emotional, individual, and cultural needs of her clients.

Dr. Alexander is a certified clinician with the EMDR Institute and continues to have incredible positive results using their techniques to resolve current, or past unprocessed traumas that may be the underlying factors that are effecting the individual’s capacity to optimize their success in their personal, professional, and social life. EMDR is also a useful tool for Performers and Athletes working with a wide spectrum of issues that once addressed can produce positive results ranging from a reduction in anxiety to enhanced performance.

Throughout her career Dr. Alexander has gained extensive experience and training conducting psychotherapy in crisis situations while working with sexual assault clinics, depression clinics, mental health hospitals, juvenile halls, and the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services. This has built a strong foundation of knowledge, and brings new techniques to her private practice that allow her to work effectively with victims in emotional crisis

New Horizons Therapy Center offers seminars and webinars for individuals, small groups, families, couples, parents, teens, and preteens, as well as customized seminars for corporations focusing on communication and coping skills.